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Childcare funding is Expanding!

Childcare support is expanding from April 2024 to include working parents with 2 years olds. (applies the term after children turn 2 years old). 
This along with the tax free childcare scheme will provide a significant saving on childcare costs. 
At Banana Moon Sale the funding will effectively provide you one totally free day per week at nursery all year around for your 2 year old! (funding is received term time only and stretched all year around)
This will be rolled out further to 9 month old children from September 2024 and again will effectively provide one totally free day in nursery per week!
Visit childcare choices on link below to apply for your funding. If you send the funding code you receive we will do the rest to set it up so you can benefit from a totally free day at nursery per week! :


@BananaMoon - 4 months ago

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